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Regarding the mailers issued by the independent PAC:

 Last week Amy Peele supporters were forced to respond an email sent to local residents, which contained a completely fabricated statement. This week a whisper campaign about Amy’s support has begun making the rounds, and again the allegations are verifiably false. So, again, we’re compelled to set record straight.

First, every candidate in this race has maximum campaign limit of $400/contributor. Amy is especially proud that the majority of her contributions are small and from local community members. All contributions are publicly available online.  

Second, Independent Expenditures are legally separate from the candidate campaign. The Novato Chamber mailer was sent by an Independent Expenditure. Amy, any member of her campaign, or anyone connected to Amy, are prohibited from having anything at all to do with anything related to any part of that mail. That’s the law. If Amy had been aware of (or any way engaged in), an IE, she would have broken the law; she did not! In fact, Amy only knew of the mailers when they landed in her mailbox—just like the rest of us. 

Amy Peele has a long, demonstrated, clear commitment to our Hamilton and Pacheco Valley families. She and Mark raised their kids here, helped to bring resources into our community to improve parks and playgrounds, and Amy — on her own — drove to Sacramento to get critical funding for our schools when it was needed. Amy is not just about promises. She has been fighting for us for decades.
We may disagree on issues, but we can all agree that our community is better than whispers and allegations. Let’s let Amy's record speak for itself, focus on honest issues, and leave the dirty politics in Washington.


Regarding Amy's position on the previously proposed Hamilton Sports Complex:

Recently a false statement was circulated about where I stand on a very important issue. This is my response:

The Hamilton Sports Complex Project is dead; there is no plan to bring it forward, nor is there any conversation about that possibility in the future. However I want to be emphatically clear that as a City Councilmember, if a similar project were to come before the Council, I would absolutely not support it. The destiny of that parcel is in the hands of the Hamilton residents.

The complex project had many problems, but the biggest issue in my mind was that our community was not consulted and we had no voice in the concept. All future projects which may be considered for our neighborhoods must include our voice, perspective, concerns and opinions. Not only should our community be heard, but that feedback must be incorporated.

That is the way I’ve acted in the past, it has been my position throughout this campaign, and it is my firm commitment for the future.

Thank you,


For more on this issue, read the letter below from a group of Hamilton residents:


My name is Reva Rao and i was one of the Hamilton residents who fiercely opposed the for-profit ball park with all of you, when it came up a few years ago. So when yesterday an email was sent to the community blatantly distorting Amy Peele’s position on this topic, i felt it was time we spoke up. I decided to speak up against this blatant fear mongering and demand that we stop spreading false rumors to support one candidate versus another. 

I reached to others who were a part of this strong group of Hamilton community members and we are reaching out to you as  we felt ethically compelled to set the record straight.

The email authors abstractly pulled one sentence out of an entire conversation, disregarded Amy’s point as well as her actual words, and then played an extended hypothetical game of “what-if”. When one of the community members called the authors and pointed this out, they admitted that it was hypothetical scenario. LET ME BE CLEAR, THERE IS NO SPORTS COMPLEX PLAN OR PROPOSAL ON THE TABLE. This isn't just hypothetical, the authors have concocted a completely false scenario

The authors are very senior respected community members and I am troubled that they have resorted to this kind of underhanded campaigning to support their candidateThis kind of campaigning can’t stand here in Novato. I have personally spoken to Amy Peele, the candidate in the city council election, and she has made it crystal clear that she supports our position and will oppose any private or privately developed sports complex development in the future. Amy herself is clear that if she were on the Council when such a project came up in the future, she would flat-out  oppose it. It should be pointed out that Amy’s actions back that up. She’s consistently engaged in locally-inspired and community-focused solutions, working closely with neighbors. (Actually, her effectiveness and community-based ethic are just a couple of the reasons she would be a great representative for us on City Council!)

In the interest of integrity and truthfulness, we would ask the authors of this clearly false statement to send out a retraction. There are two passionate candidates running to serve our community this November. Voters need to be able to evaluate each of them on their own merits, based on who they each are. Let’s focus on the issues that are important to local families.

Thank you.  
Reva Rao/Hamilton Resident 

Also signed by other Hamilton Residents 
Sulekha Anand, Tim Blofeld, Anna Camaraota, Molly Griffin, Michelle Halsing, Jennifer, Jaeger, Frank Liuzzi, John Marshall, Merri Martori,  Alfred Runner, Hima Satyavolu 





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