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Amy's Priorities

Whether it was as a PTA Council President, President of the Novato Human Needs Board,
or lobbying Sacramento for our Novato Schools, I have always been
a strong advocate for our community.

Please join me in working together on these key priorities for Hamilton and Pacheco Valle:


As a senior, this issue is really close to my heart. Our first job is to listen and understand the needs of our Hamilton and Pacheco Valle seniors, so that we can be responsive in improving the ways in which this community live fully, engaged, and independent lives.

  • affordable housing — Living on a fixed income means careful planning and watching every dime. After a lifetime of giving to others, it’s our responsibility to make sure that our seniors feel supported and safe. I will fight to protect that security, whether that means supporting affordable housing options and ensuring that seniors are exempt from new/raised taxes.
  • mobility — Ensuring a wide range of safe, affordable transportation options so that age is never an impediment to a vibrant, active life at any age. (This is actually one of the reasons I teach chair-yoga!)
  • community — As we get older, when friends and family are less in our immediate orbit, having access to community spaces, like a community garden, is really important. A big priority for me is making sure that we continue to have safe spaces for our seniors which support ongoing friendship, education, and purpose.


Mark and I came to this community in order to raise our family. We felt then, and continue to feel now, that Novato provides a strong foundation for young people. I’m committed to making sure that every family has the advantages we did.

  • safe open space — Safe open space does more than just improve our quality of life. Open spaces can inspire imagination, self-confidence, compassion, curiosity, and so much more. Which is why making sure that we continue to support and maintain family-friendly outdoor place is critical for me.
  • education facilities — While the Council does’t have any formal engagement in education, we can help support strategies, give personal weight to programs and work to make sure facilities have the support they need.

As parents Mark and I were part of very engaged community efforts that raised funds for the Hamilton Pool Water Slide, two new playgrounds at Loma Verde School, and improvements at Dunphy Little League Field. I also worked with Sacramento to bring unrestricted funding to our Novato School system.

I will continue to support the needs of our next generations with the same dedication and passion.


In an age of changing climate, drought, and unpredictability, planning and preparation are crucially important. I’m engaged with our local Fire District as well as with our Pacheco Valle Firewise Community Group.

  • protection — We love our beautiful landscape, so protecting both it and our neighborhoods will require thought, understanding, and engagement. We need to make sure we’re safe, without sacrificing our quality of life, and that balance will necessitate a lot of dialogue, education, and understanding.
  • homelessness — I am committed to staying diligent with Hamilton’s homeless challenge, and working with our residents, business owners and first responders. I’ve met with the Novato Police Department’s special team. This is a complex issue; there is no one answer. Marin County and Novato are working in strong partnership on the issue.
  • education/information-flow — Even statewide policy-makers are in a constant state of learning right now, so it’s vital that we make sure that information-flow is active and timely, and that residents are aware of information options. I’m dedicated to working on a variety of ways to make sure timely information gets into the community’s hands.
  • first responders — As a council, we need to make sure there are adequate numbers of first responders, and that they have the equipment and training they need to keep us safe.

Amy Peele for City Council 2019 
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